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Creative Apparel Made Easy


Stain and Water-Resistant Products

Symmetry introduces the Hydropose™ line of fine apparel products.

Hydropose ties and scarves are crafted from pure silk or polyester.

All Hydropose products are STAIN and WATER-RESISTANT. Liquids 'bead up' and roll off...soils and stains just wipe away! And the luxurious feel of the fabric remains unchanged.

Hydropose products are perfect for restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruise ships, schools, and public transportation personnel. But, don’t limit yourself to the service industries...anyone who has ruined their clothes due to a nasty spill can see the advantages of Hydropose.

In addition, Hydropose products cost only a little bit more than our regular line.

We are happy to answer your questions regarding Hydropose. Contact us and we will get back to you immediately.